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My trip to Madeira Island | Visit to the wineries

This trip to Madeira Island is my personal highlight when it comes to the point:

heavy, fresh, aged, authentic, sweet wine

BLANDY´S | wine lodge | EST. 1811

The lodge was bought by John Blandy in the mid-19th century and not only was it an extremely valuable property, but was also very useful due to the fact that it was directly connected to the family’s town house.

Each one of the Lodge’s rooms has its own character and due to the differing temperatures and humidity, the wines all have differing ageing profiles based on their location. The eastern warehouse holds wine dating back to 1920 and the family’s private vintage collection is held within thick stone walls, below the ground floor. The museum holds artefacts which include letters from Sir. Winston Churchill, coins from Blandy’s bank and the island’s oldest wooden lagar, dating back to the 17th century.

Murals from the renowned German artist, Max Römer, illustrate the traditional Madeiran harvest in the main tasting room where a wide range of the company’s wines are kept.

The Vintage room is the cathedral of Blandy’s rarest and oldest Madeira wines, where wines dating from the beginning of the 20th century can be tasted, such as Blandy’s Bual 1920.

Today the Blandy’s Wine Lodge is the heart of the family’s wine business where over 650 barrels and vats are stored, ageing the finest of the family’s wines in the traditional canteiro method. (Pressetext: Blendy´s)

Henriques & Henriques | Wine Lodge | EST. 1894

In the heart of the city of Câmara de Lobos. The headquarters of the company and in the administration of the Casa dos Vinhos da Madeira is located.

In this commercial area, bottles of Madeira wine are offered for sale with possible capacities and age groups to suit all tastes. In this corner of the world, it’s no wonder that the best wines are tasted as they are bathed in smells and stories that range from the various vineyard plantations and the northern and southern states to the company’s own vineyards. During your visit you will have a free wine tasting. The tasting consists of the four Madeira wine types: dry, half dry, sweet and half sweet. They must all be from the same branded range with a maturation period of 3 years. This gives the customer, who has never tried Madeira wine, an idea of ​​the different sweetnesses that the pearl of the Atlantic grapes can sprout.

The journey through the magic of discovering a real Madeira wine can go well beyond this experience. The Casa dos Vinhos da Madeira Nord has a wide range of chargeable tastings ranging from 5 years to an inexplicable 126 years (founder Solera 1894).

Pressetext: Henriques & Henriques

Vinhos Barbeitto | Wine Lodge | founded 1946

Vinhos Barbeito was founded in 1946 by Mário Barbeito de Vasconcelos and has since then always been run by members of our family.

At the time of Barbeito’s foundation over 30 other Madeira Wine exporters were operating in the business. Little by little, Mário Barbeito gained clients in many parts of the world, always trying to build a good and close relationship with them. Some of our actual clients and suppliers are still from his time.

Exclusive Barbeitto Madeira Vinhos

Mário Barbeito passed away in 1985 and his daughter Manuela de Vasconcelos, took over the general management of Vinhos Barbeito. She was already working for the company since 1976.

One of Manuela Vasconcelo’s most important tasks was to continue her father’s work of strictthening relationships with customers and promoting our wines at prestigious wine fairs around the world. This policy is still maintained on this day. (Pressetext: Barbeitto)

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