Wine Summit

Österreich Wein Summit

Dienstag, Juli 16, 2019

Österreich Wein Summit Lyric & Foto - Batin Mumcu / Berliner Weinpilot Vineyard Interfaces in the Heart of Europe - Weinberg Schnittstellen im Herzen Europas Wien (Foto: Batin Mumcu) English: Deutsch: The Austrian Wine Marketing GmbH invited for a special "Northbound Journey" tour. On the press tour, that last several days, we visited the wine countries bordering to Austria. Such as ...

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Calanques de Cassis


Mittwoch, Juli 3, 2019

The Calanque of Cassis - Die Calanque von Cassis Text & Bilder: Batin Mumcu A Party for your senses - Ein Fest für deine Sinne Calanque de Cassis - view at Cap Canaille 363 meter (Foto: Batin Mumcu) English: Deutsch: Avenues of Plane trees, high mountains, deep gorges, red shining poppy fields, sunflowers, white rocks, turquoise ...

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Marrenon - Berliner Weinpilot / Foto: Batin Mumcu


Dienstag, Juni 11, 2019

Marrenon Vignobles en Luberon & Ventoux (Lyric & Foto rights by Batin Mumcu - Pleasure by Nature - Marrenon - Headquater in Luberon Englisch: Vincent… allez vers le sud! Paul Gauguin When the famous painter and artist Vincent van Gogh met his colleague, friend and fellow sufferer Paul Gauguin in Paris in the late 19th century. ...

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Montag, Mai 20, 2019

Langhe - Piemonte At the mountains foot - Am Fuße der Berge (lat: ad pedem montium) Govone - Piemonte (Foto: Batin Mumcu) Piemonte (Foto: Batin Mumcu) English: This is the country of ​​the red wine kings! The Langhe is a picturesque hilly landscape in northern Italy and is located south of Alba in the wine-growing region of Piedmont. The ...

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Dienstag, April 23, 2019

The still original Galicia | Das noch ursprüngliche Galicien Foto: Batin Mumcu Galicia is a wine-growing region in northwestern Spain. The little corner directly over Portugal, so to speak. Here you can find natural thermal baths along the river courses that have always been suitable for everyone. There are about 10,000 hectares of vineyards. It produces around 38 ...

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Vinis Terrae

Sonntag, April 7, 2019

Ourense - Galicia - Spain Vinis Terrae Galician Quality Wine and Spirits Fair 8th Edition 1st and 2 nd April 2019 - Expourense Foto: Batin Mumcu Foto: Batin Mumcu VINIS TERRAE ... is an exclusively professional fair specialized in the quality wines and spirits from Galicia. Its mission is to present its products to potential national buyers and importers from ...

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