Calanques de Cassis


The Calanque of Cassis - Die Calanque von Cassis Text & Bilder: Batin Mumcu www.berlinerweinpilot.de A Party for your senses - Ein Fest für deine Sinne Calanque de Cassis - view at Cap Canaille 363 meter (Foto: Batin Mumcu) English: Deutsch: Avenues of Plane trees, high mountains, deep gorges, red shining poppy fields, sunflowers, white rocks, turquoise ...

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Marrenon - Berliner Weinpilot / Foto: Batin Mumcu


Marrenon Vignobles en Luberon & Ventoux (Lyric & Foto rights by Batin Mumcu www.berlinerweinpilot.de) - Pleasure by Nature - Marrenon - Headquater in Luberon Englisch: Vincent… allez vers le sud! Paul Gauguin When the famous painter and artist Vincent van Gogh met his colleague, friend and fellow sufferer Paul Gauguin in Paris in the late 19th century. ...

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Metropolitan area of Lyon Lyon is about 160 km west of Geneva and about 300 km north of Marseille. With approximately 500 000 inhabitants in the center and approximately 2 200 000 inhabitants throughout the metropolitan area, Lyon is the third largest city in France after Paris and Marseille. The city is located at the northern ...

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Lac de Gaube

Pyrenäen - Lac de Gaube - Hiking Foto: Batin Mumcu Eine sehr private spirituelle Lektion - A very private spirituel lesson The Lac de Gaube (about 1,800 meters) is not just one of many mountain lakes in the Pyrenees. It is located in the region of Occitania and has an area of ​​approximately 19 hectares with a maximum ...

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Cirque de Gavarnie

Paramount Cirque de Gavarnie Foto: Batin Mumcu Foto: Batin Mumcu Cirque de Gavarnie The panorama view of the limestone cliffs with many waterfalls is sensational. As part of my wine trip to southwestern France, I had the opportunity to make some hikes in the Pyrenees Mountain. A trail that I will never forget and by far, the ...

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Visiting the Plaimont Producteurs in Southwest France - Zu Besuch bei den Plaimont Producteurs in Südwestfrankreich Maison des Vin (Foto: Batin Mumcu) Foto: Batin Mumcu Before my visit to Gascony I did not really know why this region is so strongly in the shadow of the famous neighbor region Bordeaux. Qualitatively, the southwest in France does not need ...

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